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101 For Conducting Skype Interviews

One phrase that all recruiters and HR professionals unanimously hate is “No Show” particularly when it is for interviews. Given the work pressure and mounting stress levels, many candidates find it difficult to get away during the week days to attend interviews. Consequently “No Show” is becoming rampant particularly in IT & ITES companies. One […]

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How mobile devices have changed business processes

A few years back, mobile technologies were not so powerful. Earlier what was supposed to be difficult for managing important projects and impossible for business use, today became necessary. Mobile revolution has quickly changed its scope from social communication to the business world. Tablets and smartphones have enabled the great flexibility to work whenever and […]

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Essential Elements of a Good Mobile App

A few years back, everyone was keen to make desktop applications. But, today, more and more businesses are emphasizing on getting a mobile application. This change is due to the increased popularity and usage of smartphone. There are a few key elements that must be a part of your application, irrespective of the type of […]

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