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Essential Elements of a Good Mobile App

A few years back, everyone was keen to make desktop applications. But, today, more and more businesses are emphasizing on getting a mobile application. This change is due to the increased popularity and usage of smartphone. There are a few key elements that must be a part of your application, irrespective of the type of […]

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ODC - Team Building

7 Ideas To Build Great Teams!

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” –Michael Jordan Teams are a decisive force and how they function makes a world a difference to winning or losing. Team performance depends on how motivated and inspired the teams are to achieve their goals. When we think of the word ‘team’ we think of groups of […]

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xamarin_Xamarin app development India

Your Comprehensive Guide to Xamarin

The popularity of various mobile platforms like Android, Windows and iOS, has tremendously increased the requirement for developing numerous versions of the same mobile app for leading mobile platforms. But developing multiple versions of the same application means multiple times the efforts, time and the money. That is why businesses need cross-platform mobile development tools. […]

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